"Request Concert"
(original title" "Koncert życzeń")
polish theatre performance starring Danuta Stenka, 2014
producers: Laznia Nowa Theatre in Krakow + TR Warsaw

Yana Ross’s show is based on a text by a German playwright, Franz Xavier Kroetz. Unlike classically constructed dramas, this play is comprised only of side text that serves as a score and a commentary on the stage action. The protagonist here is a 50-year-old woman who works as a stenographer. She lives in an apartment with modern middle class décor. Surrounded by colorful advertisements and packages, overly-organized and pedantic, she cannot overcome her loneliness. The society that she lives in also doesn’t help, condemning her to exclusion and isolation. Kroetz creates a world where the individual feels very much alone, lost in the manic tempo of the big-city. The playwright closely observes the behavior patters and morality of the bourgeoisie, as it faces cultural and social transformations that force it to re-establish its identity. The lead (and only) role in Yana Ross’ piece is played by Danuta Stenka.
“Karl Marx defines a time ripe for revolution when the  masses are fed up with oppression and elite is no longer able to control them. But what if financial elite has adapted with times and worked out  a way to keep the masses more or less occupied with consumerism,  keeping them   busy  with daily small rewards and pleasures enough to forget the pain of a  senseless cycle of life? Kroetz's provoking thesis questions  the act of suicide as a manifestation of free will as a sign of revolt which  paradoxically turns  in on itself and becomes  an instant failure (by self-cleansing society of the rebel itself)”. – says the director, Yana Ross, right before the premiere of the play.