The Secret Lodge of Conspirators of Delight

Large graphic installation (35 m2 of print) inside the restaurant, consisting of 4 walls.
The illustration shows the interior and adjacent garden of the Secret Lodge of Conspirators of Delight (the resemblance to the title of Jan Švankmajer's film is not coincidental). This is a secret society of admirers of the of the most sublime forms of pleasures. All this brings to mind sacred architecture — a place of mysterious rituals. On the walls — wallpapers, frescoes and paintings with engravings, diagrams, insignia, heraldry, that refer to the mysterious symbolism of the Lodge and its centuries-old tradition. Illustration contains 6 tematic interiors: 1. Bloom (Rozkwit); 2. Illumination (Iluminacja); 3. Exuberance (Bujność); 4. Transformation (Transformacja); 5. Prestige (Prestiż); 6. Liguidity (Płynność).

Client: Nizio Design International, PL — 2023