Sześć Zmysłów (Six Senses), 2008 — cultural brand in Krakow, containing biggest polish festivals

Puzdro, 2005 — logotype for PUZDRO surreal magazine

BarKa (Barge), 2012 — logotype for Warsaw music club located on river barge

Teatr Groteska (Grotesque Theatre), 2015 — redesigned logotype for puppet theatre in Krakow

Dialog—Wrocław (Dialogue—Wroclaw), 2009 — logotype for international theatre festival in Wroclaw

Teatr Łaźnia Nowa, 2012 — logotype for Krakow based theatre

Grupa Locus Solus (Locus Solus Group), 2017 — logotype for group of artists creating narrative exhibitions

Plaster Łódzki, 2015 — logotype for webservice providing informations about cultural events in Lodz

Kontrabanda (Contraband), 2006 — logotype for independent film & music distributor

Kombinat, 2017 — logotype for music festival in Chorzow

Klub Wyspiańskiego (Wyspianski Club), 2019 — logotype for think-tank of young theatre enthusiasts

Sztuka Myślenia (Art of Thinking), 2018 — logotype for series of discussion panels organized by Slowacki Theatre

All About, 2011 — logotype for marketing & PR company

Pofolkujmy! (Let's Folk!), 2016 — logotype for folk culture event (client: Walk Events agency in Warsaw)

Be My Guest, 2016 — logotype for company providing services: concierge, travel events, hotel booking etc.

Praca W Energetyce (Work In Energetics), 2019 — logotype for job placement website

Horyzont Zdarzeń (Event Horizon), 2010 — logotype for cultural association

Celbit, 2010 — logotype for cable manufacturer

PR Point, 2012 — logotype for PR company

Orzeł czy Reszka (Heads or Tails), 2018 — logotype for TV program produced by TVN S.A.

Off Motion, 2009 — logotype for video art & motion design event

Muzeum Farmacji (Pharmacy Museum), 2009 — logotype not implemented

Monika Licińska, 2012 — logotype for legal aid office

Mploy, 2009 — logotype for HR company

Boska Komedia (Divine Comedy), 2018 — typographic logotype for 11th edition of theatre festival

Design Hunger, 2008 — logotype for design blog

Głos Psa (Voice of Dog), 2017 — logotype for NGO helping stray dogs

Krakowskie Noce (Krakow Nights), 2008 — logotype for series of cultural events

Kurara, 2008 — logotype for design e-store

Targi Nowej Dramaturgii (New Dramaturgy Market), 2007 — logotype for theatre event

2009 — logotype for make-up boutique

Metropolitan Real Estate, 2008 — logotype for real estate company

Cracow Screen Festival, 2008 — logotype for music & video festival in Krakow

Executive Concierge, 2009 — logotype for concierge company

Wrocławski Festiwal Festiwali (Wroclaw Festival of Festivals), 2008 — logotype not implemented

Cropp, 2013 — logotype for clothing company, part of LPP S.A. — not implemented

Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe (Krakow Festival Office), 2009 — logotype not implemented

Mbank, 2012 — logotype not implemented

Ruch S.A., 2011 — logotype not implemented