Season 2019/20 in Slowacki Theatre in Krakow: set of illustrations and animations presented during the press conference announcing the new season

This season was titled with motto "KONIEC ŚWIATA" ("END OF THE WORLD") and it added postapocaliptical aspect to the key visual.

Performance "Smok!" ("Dragon!") based on famous polish folk tale about dragon from Wawel castel in Krakow — directed by Jakub Roszkowski

Performance "Shakespear/Wyspiański Hamlet" based on texts of William Shakespear and Stanislaw Wyspianski — directed by Bartosz Szydłowski 

Performance "Jedzonko" ("Eats") about the modern approach to nutrition — directed by Katarzyna Szyngiera

Performance "Cud mniemany czyli Krakowiacy i Górale" ("Supposed miracle or Cracovians and Highlanders") —famous polish opera, but this time in Bollywood style — directed by Cezary Tomaszewski

Performance "Born by Boney M" — musical directed by Krzysztof Głuchowski

Performance "Ludwiczek" about music of Ludwig van Beethoven, directed by Daniel Malchar and Rafał Szumski

Performance "Agamemnon" directed by Szymon Kaczmarek (I used photo by Andrei Lazarev)

Performance "Americano" about life and death of italian singer, directed by Mirek Kaczmarek

Fantasy performance "Balladyna" based on famous drama by Juliusz Słowacki, directed by Paweł Świątek

photos from the Conference (25.09.2019)